Written by: Drew Cesario

Competitive Analysis Framework

Competitive Analysis Framework

Understanding your competition is a crucial aspect of strategic planning. This Competitive Analysis Framework is designed to help you identify key competitors, understand their strategies, strengths, weaknesses, and find gaps in the market that can be exploited.


  1. Identify 3-5 key competitors in your market. They could be direct (offering similar products/services) or indirect (alternative solutions to the same problem).
  2. For each competitor, fill out the details in the provided table.
  3. Based on your analysis, identify opportunities and threats to your business.
  4. Use this analysis to inform your strategic decisions, positioning, and go-to-market strategies.

Key Insights & Takeaways:

After filling out the table, jot down key insights and potential opportunities for your business:

  1. Opportunities: Based on the analysis, are there underserved segments in the market? Can you exploit competitors' weaknesses?
  2. Threats: Are there strong players with a dominant market share? Do they have a compelling USP that's hard to beat?
  3. Positioning: Based on the analysis, how should you position your product/service in the market?

Tips for a Thorough Competitive Analysis:

  1. Stay Updated: The business landscape changes. Keep this analysis updated at regular intervals.
  2. Diversify Sources: Use a mix of online tools, market reports, customer feedback, and personal observations.
  3. Think Broadly: Sometimes competitors aren't always the obvious ones. Look beyond direct competitors.
  4. Act on Insights: It's not just about filling out the table. Use the insights to inform your business strategy.

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