Written by: Drew Cesario

Sales Pipeline Tracker

Sales Pipeline Tracker

A streamlined sales pipeline is crucial for understanding the flow of potential deals, tracking progress, and forecasting revenue. This template is designed to help you start managing your leads and opportunities more efficiently, ensuring that no potential deal slips through the cracks. We recommend upgrading to something more robust, with automation (such as Hubspot or PipeDrive) once you’re hired your first sales person. This nominal investment should provide leadership sales forecasting, deal tracking and allow you to measure the efforts of your sales team.


  1. Fill in the details for each lead or opportunity.
  2. Update the status and notes regularly to reflect the latest interactions or changes.
  3. Review the tracker weekly to ensure timely follow-ups and optimize sales strategies.

Status Key:

  1. New Lead: Initial contact made but no significant interaction yet.
  2. Engaged: Ongoing dialogue, expressed interest.
  3. Meeting Scheduled: Date set for a detailed discussion or presentation.
  4. Proposal Sent: Detailed offer or quote sent to the lead.
  5. Negotiation: Working out specifics, terms, and pricing.
  6. Won: Closed the deal successfully.
  7. Lost: Lead decided not to move forward.
  8. On Hold: Lead has asked to revisit at a later time.

Tips for Using the Tracker:

  1. Regularly Update: Ensure all data is current to make informed decisions.
  2. Analyze and Reflect: Review which stages have the most drop-offs and strategize on improving those areas.
  3. Prioritize Follow-ups: Based on the 'Last Follow-up Date' column, prioritize leads that might need a nudge.
  4. Clean House Periodically: Remove leads that are no longer active or relevant, keeping the pipeline fresh and focused.

Remember, investing in infrastructure early, that includes automation can support you sale. Make these investments early to capture all the growth you’re working so hard to develop.

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